About us

Beyond producing our own lights under Claro brand, we currently specialize in custom interior design with focus on residential properties and hospitality segment. Claro provides comprehensive and complete design services beginning with an initial design concept through installation and detailing of final design elements to complete the project.

Claro Lighting is characterized by unique designs, practical utilization in common interiors, and, of course, affordable prices.

Design of lights sold under the Claro brand is the result of many years of cooperation with foreign designers. We don´t support sale of copies or counterfeit goods, but due to plenty of lights, that are produced and marketed worldwide, we can´t rule out the existence of similar products.

We founded our company, because we are simply in love with design. Our projects do not only present iconic lights with timeless designs, but we also focus on presentations and custom installations of limited edition collections from small, rising creators from all over the world. Through our product lines Limited Edition and Architect's Choice, we introduce the art of small creators and producers from all around the world to the general public.


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Team claro.

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